The Wanderer and the Wu Xing


Constructors: Denis and Marc Moskowitz have been puzzling since a young age. Their most widely-exposed puzzle work was in the 2003 MIT Mystery Hunt, notably the non-verbal round 2 metapuzzle: Denis is "Capital R" in the NPL and is the creator of Rikchik, an alien constructed language. Marc is "G2znii" in the NPL and occasionally writes poetry in classical Latin.

Editor: Nathan Curtis is a freelance puzzle constructor and editor living in Somerville, MA. He posts one or two puzzle packs per month on his Patreon page, and his puzzle hunt "What's That Spell" is available at

Testsolving: Caitlyn Woods, Jeffrey Harris, Sarah Bergstrom, Chris Cieslik, John McLaren, Julia Tenney, Julia Urquhart, Mike Walsh, Matt Sakai