What's That Spell errata

Errors in the puzzles of What's That Spell. Some errors only affect one of the two difficulty levels. As errors get fixed, their status will be updated here.

Sylvan Learning (Both versions): The tenth description has a typo. "Wot fimu fuli ke" should instead be "Wot fimo fuli ke".

Practical Anatomy (Apprentice only): The first clue has an error. "Sanitized version of the answer to a clue in the fourth list" should instead be "Sanitized version of the answer to a clue in the third list."

Nimble Fingers (Both versions): The rules for the paths of the pickpockets may be unclear. In particular, the rule saying that no pickpocket can pass through three adjacent hexagons is meant to rule out situations where a pickpocket goes through three hexes that form a triangle, with each hex adjacent to the other two. Pickpockets are free to travel in a straight line as far as they wish, as long as they do not make sharp turns.

Hexslingers-in-Training (Both versions): The header for the puzzle should include an image of an individual holding some sort of stick-like weapon in both hands.

Scraps of...Something-or-Other (Both versions): If you print out this puzzle, be sure to print it at 100%, without resizing.