Statue Battle

Once a month I include a logic puzzle in my puzzle packs over at my Patreon page, and this time I decided to share it with you here as well. This is a mash-up of two puzzle types commonly seen at Grandmaster Puzzles: Statue Park, in which you are trying to place a specific set of shapes on a grid with certain constraints, and Star Battle, in which you are trying to place stars in regions on a grid. I wasn't sure I could find a grid arrangement that would make both sets of constraints work out, but after some work, I came up with something I could use. The constructors at Grandmaster Puzzles often like to employ thematic gimmicks in the arrangement of their clues, so in this puzzle, I went with a three-in-a-row motif. In the end, I'm rather pleased with what I came up with, even if it is quite different from my usual fare.