Submission Guidelines for Hatched

Hatched is accepting puzzle submissions from all constructors, with a particular interest in new constructors and constructors from underrepresented groups. Constructors interested in submitting to Hatched should follow these guidelines:

How to Submit

To submit puzzles for consideration, please use the submission form. Fill out your name and email address, give a brief summary of your submissions in the description, and upload your puzzles and solutions using the provided forms. If your puzzles and/or solutions are in a file format not allowed by the file upload interface, you can compress them as a ZIP file or ask for a direct email address in your message. File uploads are limited to 10 Mb per field.

For each puzzle you submit, you should ideally provide two or more files, depending on the type of puzzle. One file should contain the puzzle formatted as you would present it to solvers. For all puzzles, please include a separate solution file, including solutions to individual clues when applicable. And if the puzzle uses custom grid art or illustrations, please include the art in a separate file, in a vector format when possible. Whenever possible, editable formats are preferable.

In the header for the puzzle and solution, please include your name, and a unique (to you) identifier for each puzzle. To submit additional puzzles you must resubmit the form; please limit your submissions to three puzzles at one time until you hear from an editor regarding your current submissions.

What to Submit

Constructors should submit pencil-and-paper puzzles. We are not too picky on the types of puzzles, although we are unlikely to publish puzzles of types that commonly appear in American newspapers, including standard American-style crosswords, acrostics, and common logic puzzle types such as sudoku and calcudoku. However, we will consider cryptic crosswords, "meta" crosswords with hidden answers, and crossword variants such as Double or Nothing. Other types of variety crosswords and logic puzzles are welcome, as well as pencil-and-paper puzzles that don't fit any of the above categories. If you are unsure whether a particular puzzle type would be appropriate for Hatched, please contact us with any questions you may have about your puzzle. Constructors may also request to collaborate with a co-constructor from our editorial staff or elsewhere to help realize their ideas.

Constructors may also submit proposals for puzzle ideas, including puzzle hunts that include 4 to 8 puzzles and a metapuzzle. In particular, constructors interested in submitting a puzzle hunt should first submit a proposal, describing the theme, number of puzzles, metapuzzle, and possible puzzle ideas, before submitting individual puzzles. In this case, constructors may also elect to have other constructors submit individual puzzles for the hunt.

Although constructors are welcome to submit their puzzles to other publications as well, they should inform Hatched if any of their puzzles are accepted for publication (including self-publication) elsewhere. Hatched will not knowingly publish puzzles that have appeared in other for-profit publications.

What to Expect

All constructors submitting one or more puzzles to Hatched will get editorial feedback on at least one puzzle within three months of their submission (usually much sooner, but we are hedging our bets against the possibility of being overwhelmed by submissions). We will also let constructors know at that time if any of their submissions are accepted for publication. We will try to give an estimate of when accepted puzzles might be published, but Hatched does not yet have a regular publication schedule, so we cannot guarantee a publication date in advance.

Constructors may request to collaborate with a co-constructor. Members of our editorial staff are prepared to work directly with constructors to help realize their ideas. Hatched especially encourages new constructors to find a co-constructor if they are unsure how to fully carry out their ideas. Co-constructing with a member of the Hatched editorial staff is dependent on availability, but we will try to help find co-constructors outside of our staff when our staff members are unavailable.

Constructors of all experience levels are eligible to have their submissions published by Hatched. However, in order to encourage contributions by newer constructors, we may limit the number of puzzles we accept by more experienced constructors.

Terms of Payment and Copyright

Constructors whose puzzles are accepted for publication in Hatched will receive their payment within one month of the publication date. Payment for a standalone variety puzzle filling one to two pages will be $75 to $150 depending on the complexity of the puzzle, and payment for puzzles that fill a half page or less will be pro-rated according to their space requirements. Payment for a puzzle hunt will be $75 to $150 per puzzle, including the metapuzzle, depending on length and complexity of the puzzles. Constructors who collaborate with an editor from Hatched staff will receive 2/3 to 3/4 of the regular rate; co-constructors who are not affiliated with Hatched will split their payment equally.

Constructors retain copyright to all their submitted puzzles. Hatched asserts the right to publish accepted submissions, and requests that constructors refrain from publicly disseminating their accepted puzzles through other means for at least 3 months following their publication in Hatched. Constructors may privately share their accepted puzzles with friends and family, and private publications with a limited audience (such as the National Puzzlers' League) may be permitted on a case by case basis. Hatched also asserts the right to reprint previously published puzzles in future compilations.

Additional Information

Constructors seeking additional information about submitting to Hatched should use the Tortoiseshell Studio site contact form with the categpry "Hatched submissions". We will try to respond to your queries in a timely manner.