Join Hatched

This page is for people who are interested in joining the staff of Hatched. If you wish to submit puzzles to Hatched, please see our submission guidelines. If you wish to subscribe to Hatched, please visit our Patreon page instead.

Hatched is looking for editors, testsolvers, and other contributors to join our staff. All positions are part-time, requiring only a few hours per week or month, and the hours and location are flexible. Positions include:

Submissions editor. Submissions editors will be assigned to evaluate puzzle submissions from constructors. They will check puzzle solutions for accuracy, evaluate the suitability of puzzles for publication based on testsolving feedback, and communicate with constructors regarding their submissions. Editors should be familiar with a variety of puzzle types, be able to extend their knowledge to new types, understand the publication standards of Hatched, and be comfortable with giving constructive feedback in a tactful and supportive manner. Hatched is looking for new submissions editors at this time.

Testsolver. Testsolvers will be assigned to solve puzzle drafts and provide feedback to submissions editors. Testsolvers should be comfortable solving a wide variety of puzzle types, and be able to explain what they like and dislike about a puzzle. Informally, our testsolvers may be described as "first-pass" or "second-pass". First-pass testsolvers should be adept at solving puzzles that may be overly difficult, perhaps containing inaccuracies, while second-pass testsolvers can be of any solving skill level. Experienced testsolvers may have the opportunity to be promoted to submissions editor if they demonstrate the necessary skills. Hatched is looking for new testsolvers at this time.

Graphic designer. Graphic designers and illustrators will occasionally be called on to provide art and layout editing. for puzzles prior to publication. They may be asked to make a polished version of art assets for a puzzle, to make grid teamplates for certain puzzle types, or to edit the layout of a puzzle in accordance with house style. Designers and illustrators should be familiar with puzzles in general and their particular needs regarding layout and illustration.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining the staff of Hatched, please contact us via the Tortoiseshell Studio sitewide contact form. Use the subject "Other Hatched inquiries" and give a brief introduction, including the positions you may be interested in as well as a summary of relevant experience. Depending on the position you seek, we may respond with a request for a formal résumé before proceeding. Compensation will also be discussed at this time in the process.