A green eggshell, broken as if recently hatched, with a black question mark inside a gold starburst emerging from the shell. Beneath the shell is the word "HATCHED" in black.

Hatched is a new puzzle magazine produced by Nathan Curtis of Tortoiseshell Studio. The principal focus of Hatched is to give new and emerging puzzle constructors a chance to hone their craft and reach a wider audience. In the past, publications such as Games Magazine and Will Shortz's WordPlay filled this role, but Hatched is positioned to use the internet as a resource to lower the barrier for new constructors.

As the founding editor of Hatched, I believe that constructors of all stripes should be able to get constructive editorial feedback on their puzzles, and have their puzzles find a receptive and supportive audience. To that end, Hatched is accepting submissions from all constructors. Anyone who submits a puzzle will get feedback from an editor, and we will select some of the best puzzles for publication online. Furthermore, all published constructors, as well as our editors, testsolvers, and other contributors, will be paid fairly for their time and effort.

If you wish to support Hatched in its endeavor to foster new constructors, please visit our Patreon page and subscribe. As our subscription base increases, Hatched will publish more puzzles with each issue, with the eventual hope of publishing both variety puzzles and puzzle hunts side by side. Thank you for your support!

-Nathan Curtis, Editor in Chief