Announcement: Nathan is on Patreon!

Become my patron on Patreon

Attention puzzlers! I am pleased to announce the launch of my Patreon campaign! What's that, you ask? Well, Patreon is a platform designed to support online patronage of creators. I will be posting packs of 2-3 puzzles each week, and you can choose to pledge $1 or more per pack. Pledging at higher levels gives you access to additional features, like monthly bonus puzzles and the ability to suggest seeds and themes for me to use in my puzzles. Unlike sites like Kickstarter, Patreon is for creators who produce an ongoing stream of content. This is ideal for me, as most of my output tends to be in small chunks, rather than large projects.

Now, new puzzles will still be available here at Tortoiseshell Studio. But supporters of my Patreon campaign will see more puzzles, and get them sooner. Each puzzle pack will go up on Patreon on a Friday, and ten days later, on Monday, one of those puzzles will be posted here. In addition, as I reach certain funding goals on Patreon, I will be releasing bonus features through both Patreon and this website.

And that's the news for today. I hope you will check out my Patreon campaign, and even if you choose not to pledge, stick around for a new puzzle every Monday at Tortoiseshell Studio!


Funny how you keep getting spam comments, and I've never gotten a single one.

Also, there are two text editors for comments underneath the post. Which one do I use?!